Mon-Oakland Mobility Plan

Four Mile Run Watershed Mobility Public Process

Public Meetings

A set of public meetings were held to inform this mobility study; the presentations from those meetings are posted below.

Study Timeline: This series of public meetings began with an initial community meeting in November 2017, and continued with a second meeting in January 18th, 2018, a third meeting on February 20th, 2018, and a fourth meeting on May 22, 2018.

Presentation from January 18th Meeting

The second public meeting was held on January 18, 2018. Presenters included the City of Pittsburgh’s Department of Mobility and Infrastructure, the Squirrel Hil Urban Coalition, Oakland Planning and Development Corporation, and The Run Resident Action Team. The consultant team from Michael Baker International then presented design alternatives for the route and mode of transportation.

Presentation from February 20th Meeting

The February 20th, 2018 public meeting continued the conversation about a potential connection between Hazelwood, Greenfield, Four Mile Run, and Oakland. Between the January 18th meeting and the February 20th meeting, the consultant team considered community feedback on the routes that were presented, the priorities that were expressed by each of the neighborhood groups, siting constraints, and the technical aspects of developing an effective connection. A preferred route alternative was developed for consideration that attempted to address the concerns we heard, along with the operational constraints of providing and efficient connection and potential modes of transit along the route.

Click here to download the presentation as a PDF

Presentation from May 22nd Meeting

Click here to download the presentation as a PDF

The goal of the May 22nd meeting was share the findings of the mobility study and lay out the next steps in the final engineering of the PWSA project. It was hosted jointly by DOMI, the URA, PWSA and the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy (PPC).

During this meeting, PWSA introduced the consultant team that has been selected to do the final engineering for the green infrastructure project in Four Mile Run. This PWSA project builds on the Green First Plan, and is a continuation of the Four Mile Run preliminary design work that was produced by PPC and its partners.

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