The Mon-Oakland Mobility Project is part of the City of Pittsburgh’s efforts to create a publicly accessible and controlled mobility corridor that will connect the neighborhoods of Hazelwood, Greenfield, Four Mile Run and Oakland. The plan also includes a proposed network of bicycle and pedestrian routes to enable non-motorized transportation between these neighborhoods.

Project Update

In June 2020, the design team submitted 60% design plans for Phase 1 (Junction Hollow) and the 30% design plans for Phase 2 (Sylvan Avenue) which include the general alignment of the mobility trail and realignment and expansion of the Three Rivers Heritage Trail. Based on public comments received during public outreach events in October, the team will finalize the design of the trails. The design will be advanced in conjunction with the Four Mile Run (4MR) Stormwater Improvement Project, and the two design teams are working together to ensure that the projects accommodate and complement each other.

The purpose of the Design Phase is to advance the conceptual plan derived from the Mon-Oakland Mobility Study completed in Fall 2018 and further refined as part of PWSA’s ongoing 4MR Stormwater Improvement Project. To do so, the Design Phase will include a comprehensive public outreach program that will include ongoing stakeholder coordination.

Project update
Project Goals

Goals identified during the Study Phase will continue to guide the project through the Design Phase.


Sustainable: Support citywide sustainability objectives including increased mass transit, bicycling, and walking


Economical: Support City and regional economic development objectives, specifically the reinvestment into the Hazelwood neighborhood


Connected: Meet existing and near-term forecasted mobility gaps and increase connectivity and equitable access too opportunity

Neighborhood Preserving

Neighborhood Preserving: Preserve or enhance neighborhood health, safety, and quality of life

Park Preserving

Park Preserving: Work within the Green Infrastructure Plan and Park Environment; Minimize visual impact on Schenley Park


Implementable: Be constructed and implemented concurrent with green infrastructure improvements

Why is the Project Needed?

The Mon-Oakland Mobility Project is part of the City of Pittsburgh’s effort to provide for a sustainable future and support revitalization. The direct connection of Hazelwood to Oakland via alternative modes of transportation will provide a wealth of new employment opportunities and access to medical care and entertainment to the residents of Hazelwood as well as the neighborhoods in between. Oakland is the most significant commute destination for employed residents, followed by Downtown, Strip District, and South Side.

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