The project includes both bicycle and pedestrian facilities to enhance non-motorized transportation connections throughout the project area. The trail will expand upon the existing network of bicycle and pedestrian routes, including improvements to the Three Rivers Heritage Trail (Junction Hollow Trail) in Schenley Park, to provide one continuous connection from Oakland to Hazelwood.

Bike/Ped Trail Design Updates

Currently, the project team is designing Phase One of the project, which includes the Junction Hollow & 4 Mile Run segments of the project. In this area, the 3 Rivers Heritage Trail will be rebuilt and enhanced to complement the 4 Mile Run Stormwater Improvements. The project team is working closely with PWSA to ensure the design of the Mobility Corridor and 3 Rivers Heritage Trail will be flexible and responsive to the stormwater design needs. The design team has begun Final Design work on Phase Two, the Sylvan Avenue Segment of the project. This portion of the project will supplement the 3 Rivers Heritage Trail that runs parallel along the riverfront and provide additional bike and pedestrian connectivity from 4 Mile Run to Hazelwood.

View the most recent design plans presented at the October 2020 public outreach events.

2017/2018 Study Phase Bike/Pedestrian Recommendations

The Study Phase identified a recommended route for the Bike/Ped Trail, including recommendations for lighting and materials. For more details on the recommendations, view the Mobility Plan.

Lights & Materials

The 2017/2018 Study made several recommendations about the lighting and material for the Bike/Ped Trail:

  • Investigate the use of permeable paving materials
  • Use lighting that enhances safety, without increasing light pollution
  • Install wayfinding measures to make it easy to navigate the route

    For more details on the recommendations, view the Mobility Plan.

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