The project includes the creation of a publicly accessible and controlled mobility corridor that is being designed to accommodate future mobility technologies that are quiet, electric, and safe. These could include e-scooters, e-bikes, and small electric shuttles.

During the Design Phase, the consultant team will work to refine the alignment of the mobility corridor and determine the dimension of the facility to accommodate intended uses and preclude other uses, such as pedestrians, buses, and other vehicles. While the City of Pittsburgh will construct the mobility facility, they will not operate any type of mobility service; however, the City will set guidelines for allowable uses and ensure the corridor is publicly accessible and affordable.

Moblity Corridor Design Updates

Currently, the project team is working closely with PWSA as they continue to design the stormwater infrastructure in the Four Mile Run area. The design of the Mobility Corridor and 3 Rivers Heritage Trail will be flexible and responsive to the stormwater design needs. As that work progresses, the project team will begin to conduct field surveys and geotechnical investigations throughout the project area.

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2017/2018 Study Phase Recommendations

The Study Phase identified a recommended alignment for a mobility corridor.

Map with Micro-Transit Stops

The 2017/2018 study phase recommended the mobility corridor concentrate on connecting Oakland to Hazelwood. To make the mobility corridor effecient, the connection immediately next to the tracks in Schenley Park and the connection up to Sylvan and throughout the Hazelwood neighborhood are important as these allow the system to have dedicated space that is not inhibited by congestion. Some of the design criteria for the alignment of the corridor include:

  • Avoid City streets
  • Avoid already-congested areas
  • Avoid landslide-prone areas
  • Use City property/right-of-way

For more details on the recommended route, view the Mobility Plan.

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