The Mon-Oakland Mobility Project will rely on public outreach and coordination with communities in the project area to learn and gather valuable insight during the Design Phase of the project.

Public Meetings

Public Meetings will continue to be held throughout the Design Phase.

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Design Phase Public Meetings

DateCube June2019June 20, 2019
Location: Local 95 Union Hall
Meeting Purpose: To update the public on the progress and current status of the Four Mile Run Stormwater Improvement Project and the Mon-Oakland Mobility Project
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Study Phase Public Meetings

DateCube may2018May 22, 2018
Location: Local 95 Union Hall
Meeting Purpose: To share the findings of the mobility study and lay out the next steps in the final engineering of the PWSA project
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DateCube Feb2018February 20, 2018
Location: Pittsburgh Firefighters Local No. 1
Meeting Purpose: To continue the conversation about a potential connection between Hazelwood, Greenfield, Four Mile Run, and Oakland
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DateCube Jan2018January 18, 2018
Location: Magee Rec Center
Meeting Purpose: To present design alternatives for the route and mode of transportation
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Stakeholder Meetings

The project team is working to ensure a responsive decision-making process that includes sharing information and community engagement to come to a mobility solution that serves all stakeholders.

The Stakeholder Committee includes representation from:

  • Bike Pittsburgh
  • CMU
  • Greenfield Community Association
  • Hazelwood Green
  • Hazelwood Initiative
  • Oakland Business Improvement District
  • Oakland Community and Economic Development
  • Oakland Transportation Management Association
  • Pittsburgh Community Reinvestment Group
  • Pittsburgh Technology Center Association
  • Port Authority of Allegheny County
  • The Run Resident Action Team
  • Squirrel Hill Urban Coalition
  • University of Pittsburgh
  • UPMC

The Committee will meet throughout the Design Phase of the project. Meetings will focus on a wide range of topics including: bicycle/pedestrian accommodations, mobility options, landscaping/streetscaping, materials, lighting, and constructability.
Below is a list of meetings held during the Design Phase:

Stakeholder Meeting

DateCube may2019May 16, 2019
Location: Spartan Community Center
Meeting Purpose: To provide a project update and begin working with Stakeholders during the Design Phase to inform the public engagement process.

Community Members discuss the project
Resident Advisory Group Meetings

To ensure local interests are reflected in the project design, the project team will continue to involve and meet with the Resident Advisory Group.

Resident Advisory Group includes representation from:

  • The Run Resident Team
  • Squirrel Hill Urban Coalition
  • Hazelwood Initiative
  • Oakland Planning and Development Corporation
  • Greenfield Residents Association
Study Phase Outreach

The Design Phase will continue the public engagement process initiated during the Study Phase.

Public engagement components:

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